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Being an Outlook user, you may need to import an archived PST file to use contacts, notes, emails etc. stored in it. It is quite practical to use something, which is in handy rather than recreating. But, importing PST in your mailbox may make you experience following issues/errors:

  • Outlook's performance has suddenly went down
  • Outlook is taking too much time in importing the PST but the process is not getting completed
  • You receive the "Unknown exception occurred, leaving the Migration process. Exception Address: 040191b" error message

You must want to know "why these issues / errors occur when trying to utilize emails, contacts etc. that are stored in archived PST".

You come across one or all of the above-specified issues due to the large size of the PST that you are trying to import. The archived PST files may have thousands of emails including large attachments comprising in large sized PST files.

After you are in a situation to tackle Outlook issues due to large size PST file, the best solution is to split archive PST file. Do not be scared about data integrity, emails structure, emails formatting, Meta data, etc. while splitting PST files into small individual PST files. Also, you do not need to think whether or not the split PST will work as individual PST. When you split a large PST file into small chunks using a technically advanced and comprehensive split archive PST file tool, you are made sure about the retention of data integrity, Meta data and other required properties..

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Minimum memory requirement: 512 MB RAM

Disk Space Requirement - 50 MB for software installation

Supported Windows OS Platforms - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Supported Outlook Platforms - MS Outlook 2000 and all above versions.

A third-party split archive PST file tool helps you make Outlook works faster and in smarter way. You will have small PST files that are individually accessible with Outlook. The software an advanced, competent, and prolific tool for splitting large sized PST into small chunks makes it easy and fast to break PST file into smaller files.

The software encompassed various options to split PST file into small individual files as per your requirement. Using this amazing tool, one can split PST based on date, users email ID, make a separate PST for every folder, extract selected folder into a SPT file, and split PST into multiple files based on size. While importing archive PST file, make a separate PST file for every folder can be a good option for splitting large PST file. After the software has split PST, you can easily import individual folders whose email items you want to use.