Divide PST Files

Divide PST Files in Small Size

Do you need to wait for a long time to use Outlook whenever you start it? Is Outlook hanged up every time when you receive an email with images or attachments? Are you having problems in adding contacts in the address book? If yes, you are at the right place. Here, you will know the reasons leading in all these problems and 100% working solutions for resolving the specified issues. Following can be the reasons behind slow Outlook and other related issues:

  • Outlook.pst is about to reach its maximum size limit

  • Outlook.pst has crossed its maximum size limit

  • Outlook.pst is not able to synchronize with your mailbox on Exchange Server

  • Internet is very slow

Whatever is the reason, you only gets frustrated with slow Outlook. It may also happen that the PST gets corrupt and therefore, you lose all of your important emails, notes, contacts, to-do-list, etc. You must want to know a solution for resolving these Outlook issues. Consider below given solutions for speeding up Outlook and protecting Outlook.pst from damage:

  • Select emails with large attachments, save attachments on your computer system, and then delete the email. Do this for removing all emails having large attachments, as the most of the PST file space is consumed by emails with large attachments. After deleting emails, empty the "Deleted Items" folder and then compact the PST file.

  • Compact PST file on regular basis.

  • Do not keep unwanted emails, notes, contacts, etc. in the PST file, as this adds additional load in the PST leading in oversized PST file.

  • Divide PST files into small PST files.
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Minimum Memory Requirement: 512 MB RAM

Disk Space Requirement - 50 MB of free disk space for software installation

Supported Windows OS Platforms - Windows 10, 8.1, 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP and Windows 2000.

Supported Outlook Platforms - MS Outlook 2003 and all above.

The best solution is to split PST files. However, manually selecting and deleting emails with large attachments can save a lot money that you spend to buy a tool for splitting PST files; but manually processing Outlook emails can be very time consuming. Moreover, if you need to forward an email with the attachment, you need to recreate email, which is an additional wastage of time. Being a professional, one cannot waste too much of time; therefore, spending some money for buying an efficient, reliable, and fast tool to divide PST files will be much worthy than manually processing Outlook.pst file.

PST Split is a competent, prolific, and cost-effective tool, which makes it easy to divide Outlook PST files into small chunks. The software creates individual but small PST files by breaking a large PST into many small PST files. All of the newly created PST are independent of the original PST thus, the Outlook performs in a better way.