Split PST File Software

The tool is an advanced and powerful PST split solution devised specially to split or break large-sized PST files into small PST files. The software creates new PST files without causing any threat to the data integrity of the original PST files. The new PST files can be accessed separately with MS Outlook as it is independent of the original PST files.

PST files usually work as the repository for all our actions in Outlook such as emails, notes, contacts etc. The growing size of PST file often results in corruption and you might just lose all your data due to this problematic situation. However, MS Outlook often causes trouble and performs slowly while searching for vital information or when a user checks data in different folders. To resolve this issue, it becomes important to split the PST file. Also, splitting the PST file resolves the 2GB limitation. Splitting the large-sized PST file as per email ID, date, size or folders will add to easy manageability of important data.

You can effectively split large-sized PST files by using the PST Split, the split PST software. Owing to PST split tool, you can easily perform PST split even in the case of PST being used, shared over the network or saved separately at another location. As soon as you split PST file into smaller size, these files become effective to be used with MS Outlook.

Small-sized PST files offer convenient access and speed up the performance of MS Outlook. Splitting the large-sized PST files breaks the large file into small parts making them independently accessible with MS Outlook. It supports splitting of PST files that were created using MS Outlook 2000, 2002 (XP), 2003, 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 2019 versions.

Exclusive Features: PST Split tool
  • Splits PST quickly and effectively.
  • Splits PST files saved on Network, saved separately or PST files currently in-use.
  • Creates independent small-sized PST files.
  • Provides multiple Splitting options (as per date, sender’s email ID, size, selected folders etc.).
  • Preserves Data integrity.
  • Retains accurate meta-date (To, From, Cc, BCC, Date, Time etc.).
  • Offers ease in managing large data.

Pertaining to the interactive user interface of PST Split tool, you can split large-sized PST files quickly and easily. Using the software you can split a single PST at a time. You can split a PST even if it is currently being used, being shared over network or is saved separately. Right after the file is split, it becomes accessible with MS Outlook. Using PST Split tool you can split a PST file on five different parameters and these are:

  • Split PST file based on date.
  • Split PST file based on Sender’s email ID.
  • Create separate PST file for every selected folder.
  • Extract selected folders in a single PST file.
  • Split PST file based on size.

Using the above options, you can split the PST file as per your convenience. This  tool allows you to split all items and folders in the PST such as Contacts, Calendar, and Journals, Email Folders (Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Sent Items, and Drafts etc.). PST split tool serves as an ideal way to split PST and make the large PST files manageable.

Download Free Demo

You can analyze the user interface and working of the software by availing the free evaluation version which is free to download. The free evaluation version is fully functional just like the full version; however it saves only first 5 items of every folder to the newly created PST file. In order to save all your data, you need to purchase the full version of PST Split Tool.